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Guaranteed to Place Job Postings™

All postings are “Guaranteed to Place Job Postings™”. This guarantee allows you to extend a job posting for an additional 30 days a time at no additional cost to you.

You may extend a job posting at no additional cost to you as many times as necessary until you actually fill the position that you have advertised for. This is for a job posting for one position to be filled – not a generic ad – for example – “RN’s needed” – so some restrictions apply to avoid abuse.

Job postings run for 30 days and are available for $125.00 each. Each job posts on two or more additional sites at no additional charge to create more exposure for your job posting.  We also work with top job aggregators to provide additional exposure for your job postings.  Our healthcare specialty job posting sites targeting specific groups.

Our network of sites includes: AllMyHealthcareJobs.comAllMyNurseJobs.comRNStaffers.com
NurseYourFuture.com,   RNExecutives.comRNManagers.comAboutCaseManagerjobs.com
AboutDirectorofNursingJobs.comAboutHealthcarejobs.com, AboutMedicalAssistantJobs.comAboutNurseAssistantjobs.com
AboutPhysicianAssistantJobs.com AboutTherapistJobs.com and RNOpportunities.com.

And coming soon AboutHealthcareITJobs.com and AboutPhysicianJobs.com

Postings may also be included on AllMyUSJobs.comJobsYourFuture.comSearchYourFuture.com and


Thank you for your interest in our “Guaranteed to Place Job Postings™” for only $125

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